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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Rebecca Kai Dotlich is a poet and picture book author of such titles as What is Science?
(a 2006 Subaru SB&F prize finalist), and Lemonade Sun (an American Booksellers
"Pick of the Lists"). Her work is featured widely in poetry anthologies and textbooks. 
Rebecca promotes children's poetry, giving presentations and workshops to students, teachers, 
librarians and writers. She lives in Indiana.

Rebecca writes about her dot, "I call this the Collector's Dot. This is made with maps, stamps
and coins from my big brother's collections that I safely keep and collect myself."

Learn more about Rebecca on her website.


  1. Love it Rebecca! (From Kami, your former student!)

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  3. Thank you Kami! We sure had a great time at Highlights that year. fyi: This is Rebecca but my Google account for posting evidently is in my husband's name. Better get that changed!

  4. This is lovely, Rebecca. A beautiful tribute.