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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Keila Dawson

Keila Dawson was born and raised in New Orleans. Early in her career, she lived and worked in the
Philippines and Japan. Then she married into a life in the military which took her to the US southwest, both coasts of the United States, and an eight year tour in Egypt. Within a year of her family’s repatriation, Hurricane Katrina devastated her beloved city.  Her dot was inspired by the persistence, resilience, and determination of her family and the people of New Orleans to rebuild.  And by those who helped, supported, and encouraged their efforts. Keila said, “New Orleans is more than a city; it’s a lifestyle with a rich history, a unique culture, and traditions.”

While making a king cake to celebrate the start of the Mardi Gras season she was moved to write a children’s story about Louisiana French Creole culture. Her debut picture book, THE KING CAKE BABY (Pelican Publishing Co., January 2015) is the New Orleans version of the Gingerbread Man tale. It is dedicated to all who appreciate, and strive to preserve Louisiana culture.

The King Cake Baby Book Trailer

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