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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Robin Newman 2018

Raised in New York and Paris, Robin Newman was a practicing attorney and legal editor, but she now prefers to write about witches, mice, pigs, and peacocks. She lives in New York with her husband, son, goldfish, and two spoiled English cocker spaniels.  

No Peacocks! illustrated by Chris Ewald (Sky Pony Press 2018), is a fictional feathered tale about Phil, Jim, and Harry, the real-life peacocks residing on the grounds of The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Every day, Phil, Jim, and Harry are fed sunflower seeds by the staff who care for them. But one day, they decide they're sick of seeds. They make a break for the New York City street in search of pizza, Chinese take out, and pastries. But everywhere they go, they're told "No peacocks!" So they try to get an ooey, gooey, delicious meal closer to home. But how are they going to sneak into The Cathedral School's dining hall and get their wings on the school's world-famous mac 'n cheese? A little plotting, help from the students, and mission mac 'n cheese is a go! No Peacocks! is a story of friendship and teamwork, with a mild sprinkling of fowl play. Perfect for readers and foodies of all ages! 

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Twitter: @robinnewmanbook