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Saturday, August 20, 2016

C. C. Payne

C. C. Payne is the hopeful, humorous, Southern middle grade author of The Thing About Leftovers; Lulu Bell on Geekdom, Freakdom & the Challenges of Bad Hair, and Something to Sing About.  She says that all of her books are the result of inviting Jesus into the darkest, scariest, most damaged places of her heart. "Problems and fears can grow to monstrous proportions when left alone in the dark--I know from experience. So I pray and I write. Writing is my attempt to bring problems and fears out into the light, cutting them down to size--and sometimes, even laying them to rest. So far, I've written about fear, faith, friendship, bullying, death, divorce and blended families."

To learn more about C. C. Payne, visit her website. 

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