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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Diane Mayr

Diane Mayr is the author of Littlebat's Halloween Story and Run, Turkey, Run!   She writes poetry, too.  You can see her children's poetry at Kids of the Homefront Army: Poems of World War II Americahttp://www.homefrontarmy.com/, and her haiku and other short-form poems at Random Noodlinghttp://www.randomnoodling.com/.

Diane is also a long-time public librarian and in that position she writes two blogs, maintains several Facebook and Pinterest pages, and orders lots of books!

About her dot she says, "I've combined my love of words, pictures, and cats in a dot-shaped haiga.  Haiga, for those who don't know, is a haiku with a picture.  A haiku is extremely terse, but in its brevity it allows the reader to interpret it according to his or her own experience.  Some may read it as being negative--the cat will never catch the dot, how sad.  Others may read it as: the cat will never catch the dot, but the cat will continue to live according to its nature, pursue its prey, and probably have fun doing it!  Still others may read the haiku completely differently!  By the way, the cat is Skippy, who along with Smudge, think they own me--they're probably right!"


  1. Thanks for featuring my haiga today! Have a great International Dot Day next week!

  2. A little dot - a big impression. Love this post, and I still wonder when/if you ever sleep, Diane... ;0)

  3. I work in spurts, Robyn, with lots of down time!