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Friday, April 27, 2012

Susan Eaddy

Susan worked as an Art Director in educational book publishing for 8 years. She illustrated over 70 educational books and covers in many different media, and won awards for her paper sculpture. She became the Art Director at RCA Records Nashville, receiving a Grammy Award Nomination for the art direction of the “Los Super Seven” CD package.
After 7 years she left RCA to open ClayThings Illustration. Today, she works entirely in polymer and modeling clay, and has appropriated every kitchen tool in the house for her art. Her ClayThings appear in magazines, books, catalogs, advertising, greeting cards, wallpaper, kitchen textiles & other licensed products.

Watch her create her Celebri-dot!

Susan writes, "Since clay illustration IS my life; I thought it would be fun to just play with DOTS of clay and see what happened. Before I knew it, I was connecting the dots to make little people in a dot of a world. I hope you enjoy the lightning speed video of the process!"

Learn more about Susan on her website
 or her blog http://claythings-susaneaddy.blogspot.com/

Be AMAZED by her work on her YouTube channel

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  1. This is fascinating work! I am now a big fan of your clay art!