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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jan Godown Annino

Floridot! is the creation of award-winning children’s writer Jan Godown Annino.  She collects dead shell skeletons that wash up under her feet on Florida beaches. Jan is the author of the ALA/Amelia Bloomer Top Ten title, SHE SANG PROMISEThe Story of 
Betty Mae Jumper,Seminole Tribal Leaderillustrated by Lisa Desimini, with a letter to young readers from Moses Jumper Jr.

The story won the Florida Book Awards.  Visit Jan and learn more about the wild child times and also, alligator-wrestling days, of Betty Mae Jumper, through a visit to Bookseedstudio.

Twitter @BkSeedStudio https://twitter.com/BkSeedStudio