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Friday, September 12, 2014

Florence Minor 2014

Florence Minor  loves books, and as a young girl, two of Florence’s favorite pastimes were reading, and writing. Now, many years later, after graduating from Hunter College, and enjoying a wonderful career as a film editor for ABC News in New York, Florence has found a second, and very fulfilling career in publishing. She not only handles the business aspects of the studio, but is also writing books for young children, and was delighted when “If You Were a Penguin” (Florence’s text and Wendell’s illustrations) was selected as Pennsylvania’s choice for their “One Book, Every Young Child” program in 2009. (Source

Florence is the author of "If You Were a Penguin and her newest release is, "If You Were A Panda Bear".

Learn More About Florence (and her husband, former Celebridot creator, Wendellon their website.
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  1. Florence! You put up a dot, TOO! This panda is just so precious! Love this :D

  2. Wish I were feeding bamboo to a panda right now.
    Thank you for keeping them in the spotlight, so cutely.
    A delightful DOT.