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International Dot Day is a celebration of creativity that was inspired by Peter H. Reynolds' book "The Dot". This site is filled with other authors, illustrators, and celebrities who share in the dream of a more creative world. Learn more about International Dot Day!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Linda Kranz

"For as long as I can remember I have searched for, discovered and collected meaningful picture books.
The Dot has been on my bookshelf since it was first published.
When I read The Dot, I immediately thought of my high school art teacher who saw a spark in my eyes when I, a quiet, soft spoken student arrived in his classroom so many, many years ago. I loved his class. We’ve kept in touch through all these years. I was thrilled to be able to completely surprise him, when I put a copy of a book that I wrote and illustrated in his hands. I watched his expression as he studied the cover - front and back. He smiled. When he turned to the dedication page – he blinked and shook his head, when he read that the book was dedicated to him, “Thank you, Mr. Duren you made a difference.” He was touched and I was delighted that I could share my gratitude in person. The teacher and the student came full circle that day. How lucky I was, to have such a special teacher in my life, who nudged me to find my voice.
I wanted my dot to be a reminder to always focus on what you love and what is inside of you! Find your own unique style – and create!" Linda Kranz

Linda Kranz, winner of the IRA Children’s Choices Award, is the author and illustrator of several journals and books including the bestselling Only One You (Rising Moon 2006), You Be You (Taylor Trade 2011), Love You When (Taylor Trade 2012) and Where I Belong (Taylor Trade 2016). Let’s Rock: Rock Painting for Kids Updated Edition (Muddy Boots 2017) is the book dedicated to her art teacher. Find out more about Linda on her website lindakranz.com

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jamie Michalak

Jamie Michalak is the author of the highly praised Joe and Sparky early reader series, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz — Joe and Sparky Get New Wheels; Joe and Sparky, Superstars!; Joe and Sparky Go to School; and Joe and Sparky, Party Animals!

In the forthcoming Joe and Sparky, Party Animals! (Candlewick Press, August 2017), the endearingly mismatched duo has their hands full when a surprise party for a worm goes comically awry.

About her dot, Jamie writes:

“This bandaged dot was inspired by a mysterious guest in Joe and Sparky, Party Animals! Nobody knows his name, but this guy is the life of the party! He always wears a smile on his face. Even after an unfortunate dancing incident involving a porcupine in Chapter Three.

I can’t help but admire his resiliency and positive attitude.”

Jamie shared this story about reading "The Dot" before it became a book:

"Long ago I was fortunate to work for Peter Reynolds's editor, Mary Lee Donovan. As her assistant, I often read her submissions first to help organize them. I vividly remember the moment I opened an envelope from Peter Reynolds and read his latest submission called THE DOT. It was inspiring and beautiful. The ending made me want to read the story over again. But what struck me the most was how effortless it all seemed, like a fully formed, perfect story had sprung right out of his head and onto the page. Like he was born to write that book.

I also remember immediately walking the [book] dummy over to Mary Lee's desk. "Is it good?" she asked. I nodded with a big smile and handed it to her. Then she quickly found out for herself.

Learn more about Jamie on her website.