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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

K W Penndorf


Story time had always been K.W. Penndorf’s favorite ‘subject’ in school. But when her second-grade teacher opted to read from a tattered old diary, K.W. saw how these far away locations, heroes, villains, drama, and quite frankly, story could come from anyone – including herself.

She began her career at CBS before switching over to writing middle grade novels. And although K.W. now writes fiction, her passion for history and research are always woven into any story she creates. Most notably is her FREYA series, where a trip to a Viking graveyard in Denmark inspired the plot

K.W. loves helping other writers hone their craft and expand their creativity. She has taken the excitement she has for presenting workshops and founded the online community Much Ado About Writing. She is also a state coordinator for her SCBWI chapter in Wisconsin.

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