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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Michael Arndt 2022


A new Celebridot for 2022 from Michael Arndt. Michael writes about his dot, "My celebridot, updated for 2022. RAINBOW DOT. My 2022 dot was inspired by two of my books, MY HEART GROWS and ONE YELLOW SUN, as well as recent events. The circle represents singularity, but also community. Continuity, but also completion. Specificity, but also universality. Concentric circles add the idea of both focusing inwards as well as expanding outwards. The rainbow signifies inclusion and diversity working in beautiful harmony, ever more important today than ever. Colors are light waves, sound waves on a xylophone, and vibrations. As chakras, they are: red, grounding—orange, emotions—yellow, intellect—green, compassion—blue, expression— purple, wisdom—and white, consciousness. All of these are qualities of a whole and healthy education and what art can accomplish as part of that. Children need all of these and to be encouraged to explore all the colors in their paintbox."

You can find Michael on Instagram at @MichaelArndtBooks 

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