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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Nancy Tupper Ling

Nancy Tupper Ling is the winner of the prestigious Writer’s Digest Grand Prize and the Pat Parnell Poetry Award.  She draws her inspiration from the multicultural background of her family and the interwoven fabric of familial culture which is, on the surface, seemingly everyday.  She is the author of My Sister, Alicia May (Pleasant Street Press), Double Happiness (Chronicle Books), The Story I’ll Tell (Lee & Low Books) and the founder of Fine Line Poets (www.finelinepoets.com). Currently she resides in Walpole, Massachusetts with her husband, Vincent, and their two girls.

More sides to her dot

Learn more about Nancy on her website. 


  1. LOVE all the Chinese content (any chicken and broccoli in there? ;-))I want to know what the characters mean! :)

  2. And this lady is oh, so modest! You'd never know she's the winner of multiple awards for her lovely writings! The world is a richer, more peaceful place with Nancy's words filling it!
    Congratulations again, Nancy!