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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dr. Niamh

Dr Niamh is a children's book author, Ph.D in learning Through The Imagination, and founder of Dr Niamh Children's Books. Words! Words! Words! Dr. Niamh Children's Books love them: new ones, big ones, simple ones, made-up ones, onomatopoeic, disgruntled,  expressive and quirky ones. And Dr. Niamh simply can’t wait to help develop great vocabulary and inspire a love of language in your children. After all, what could be better or more fun than stretching imaginations or encouraging children to think outside the box? Dr. Niamh stories are fun to read out loud: the very best way to teach children to associate books with love and affection. Contact us at www.drniamh.co.uk

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  1. Your celebridot is beautiful and really reflects your work and interests! I love all of the stars (dots) in the background!