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Monday, August 20, 2012

Carole Hart

Carole Hart "is an award-winning television and film producer/writer. She began her career in television working with her partner and husband, Bruce Hart, as one of the original writers of Sesame Street, for which she won her first Emmy. She also produced, with Marlo Thomas, Free to Be ... You and Me, the now classic children's album, best-selling book and Peabody Award-winning television special. She and Bruce created and produced Hot Hero Sandwich, an innovative Emmy-winning NBC series for adolescents. Her credits also include a number of movies and docudramas made for television: Sooner or Later, a movie musical that generated a top ten song and a Platinum soundtrack album: Leap of Faith, a groundbreaking docudrama about a woman who brought her cancer into remission through alternative means; and again teamed with Marlo Thomas, a multi-award winning mixed-media documentary for Lifetime Television, Our Heroes, Ourselves." Source

Mrs. Hart explains 'The Three Sisters' tradition: "For many years, we had a country home to complement our life in the city, and I became a passionate organic gardener. That's how I learned about companion planting. When I started working with the Grandmothers, I found out that the practice originated with them, and to their way of thinking, the three plants were the three sisters." Read more about "The Three Sisters" here.

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